My Story

No one should be left in the dark about their health or their nutrition.
No one should be told to ‘just live with it’ or ‘go it alone’.

Like you, I often struggled with my health. At times, I thought my symptoms were ‘just a phase’ and would pass. I suffered with symptoms of IBS, chronic migraine headaches and even infertility when planning a family.

Many of us feel like we have no choice but to just go home and live with it. Maybe some of us are offered mainstream solutions that simply chase symptoms or only result in very short-term cures.

Many suffer in silence – alone and isolated. I know, I’ve been there. But trust me, there is hope – and an alternative to feeling ‘unhealthy, tired and exhausted’.

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My Story

I’ve been passionate about holistic health and nutritious foods for more than 25 years. It all started at just 13, when I made the decision to become vegetarian. Growing up in England, I remember my mum saying at the time ‘that it was just a phase and I would grow out of it’ – but somehow it stuck. I remember even back then reading everything I could get my hands on in support of my new found LOVE.

In my late teens, and despite all my efforts to live a healthy youthful life, I developed symptoms of IBS, and that took me on another journey of self-education – determined to learn more about the cause and effect of a condition that is, and still remains, misunderstood.

By my late 20s I realised that my successful career in finance had contributed to several years of worsening migraines, and it was then I decided things had to change. I had a choice to make and I couldn’t put it off any longer. Either continue treating health issues as they came up or get to the root cause and learn how to prevent them. It was then that I began to pursue a career as an Accredited Holistic Nutritionist.

My decision to specialise in nutrition for fertility, pregnancy health & postnatal wellness came in my 30s when I experienced firsthand how painful the process of infertility and trying for a family can sometimes be.

It’s through my own life-changing experiences, supported by my extensive nutrition education, that I’m here today to proudly offer nutritional guidance with a focus on healthy living, fertility, preconception and pregnancy.

‘My mission and passion in life is to inspire people like you to make better nutritional choices, which are essential to healthier living and overall well-being.’

I created The Fertility Nutritionist to connect with others who have questions without answers and who are seeking help. Somehow, your own journey led you to me and this site. Whether you’re searching for a healthier lifestyle or nutrition guidance in fertility, preconception and pregnancy, I hope to share insightful, evidence-based information that will help you move toward a life worth living – one you’ve always dreamed of with purpose and meaning.

I am truly passionate to educate, inspire and empower you. So let’s get started. Together, let’s make better nutrition choices for your best life ever.

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