This classic book contains the combined knowledge of Dr. Isabelle A. Moser and Steve Solomon on healing and includes topics such as: How I Became a Hygienist, The Nature and Cause of Disease, Fasting, Colon Cleansing, Diet and Nutrition, Vitamins and Other Food Supplements and The Analysis of Disease States (Helping the Body Recover).
Here’s what others have said about this inspiring book:

“Wow! Great book! This book has helped me on multiple occasions! Definitely recommend it! Very useful information! This has changed the way I look at many things regarding my health and Doctors!” – Eli

“Fasting has helped me to appreciate that the human body is a miraculous creation and worked wonders for me in terms of improving health. This book was pivotal in helping me decide to give fasting a try.” – David

“This book is a well written perspective of alternative, holistic, common sense approach to medicine and health care. Isabel Moser draws on thirty years of experience in naturalistic healing. Strongly suggested to anyone interested in another (or additional) perspective.” – Scott