Top 7 Fertility Tips For Women Over 35

May 05, 2018

Top 7 Fertility Tips For Women Over 35

Top 7 Fertility Tips For Women Over 35

There are a number of issues which couples over 35 often encounter when trying to conceive, including declining egg and sperm quality.

But don't panic – the clock isn't ticking as much as you might think – and you still have time. Improve your egg quality by following these 7 simple tips to increase your chance of motherhood.

Choose a form of exercise that you love – it may sound like a cliché, but exercise is one of the key elements in speeding up your metabolism and decreasing oxidative stress, which can have an impact on cellular aging in women’s eggs and lead to failed attempts at conceiving.

I'd strongly suggest you lace up your runners, dust off the lycra and take part in a type of exercise that you enjoy.

Enjoying what you are doing will help you stick with the task... and rope your partner in for shared couples fun too!

Avoid chemicals – from BPA in plastics and coffee cups to body moisturisers and house cleaning products, chemicals are everywhere.

As we get older our body’s ability to metabolise chemicals slows down and this can increase oxidative stress on those precious eggs of yours.

Try and avoid heating or storing up your food in plastic containers and where possible, drink your drinks from china or glass.

Shop smart and try to purchase personal healthcare and cleaning products that are chemical free.

Remember chemicals are also in your food – so go organic to avoid ingesting pesticides and hormones in your fruit, veggies and meat. Cook your own meals and avoid as much processed food as you can, as these can lead to high levels of inflammation in the body which can have a significant impact on your fertility and general health.

It may be him not you – If you have been trying to conceive for a while, there is a chance that it could be caused by issues on your partners side.

I'd recommend you get a semen analysis including DNA fragmentation which picks up how many abnormal sperm there are, the sperm count, motility (how the sperm moves) and morphology (how the sperm looks).

Ensure you supplement As we get a little bit older our digestive system isn’t as good at breaking down nutrients from the food we eat and sending these vital nutrients around our bodies.

Cellular energy is also a lot lower and this affects our eggs and also sperm quality.

Ensuring you supplement your diet with good quality supplements is key to improving your eggs.

CoQ10, Lipoic Acid, Glutathione, Vitamin C and N Acetyl Cysteine are all nutrients that can help boost oocyte quality in women over 35.

Learn how to relax – Another factor that can apply to egg quality is stress.

Whether it be from work or home life, find a way that you can let off steam. Be it meditation to yoga, watching your favourite movie or catching up with friends, de-stressing will make you feel the world of good (and your eggs will thank you for it).

Realise that you may not always need IVF – Implementing the above steps to boost your general health and wellbeing for 3-6 months before you start trying to conceive means that you have every opportunity to turn poor quality eggs and sperm into prize specimens. So give it a whirl before you think about jumping to IVF. 

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