With so much nutrition information out there, why is it so difficult to live a healthy lifestyle or maintain proper nutrition in support of preconception or pregnancy?

If that question sounds familiar, just STOP and read this page if...

Are you tired of the disappointment and frustration? Are you ready to cut through the hype, fads and fiction?

Sarah | The Fertility Nutritionist

Hello, my name is Sarah... and every day I hear from clients, just like YOU, telling me their dissatisfaction with not reaching their goals for healthy living or frustrations with ‘poorly-performing’ nutrition plans for preconception, pregnancy and postnatal wellness. And if you’re anything like me, you understand that feeling of hopelessness. Even after you’ve done your very best.

Sadly, up to 25% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage and most happen in the first 13 weeks. Of course miscarrying doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t fall pregnant again. But the real question to ask yourself is, whilst you might be prepared for a baby – is your body?

Preconception nutrition is such an important part of a healthy pregnancy. Eating the right nutritious foods and taking the right supplements is crucial to both Mum’s and Dad’s fertility!

But the plain truth is… not all nutrition plans and nutrition experts are created equal.

You see, leading a healthy lifestyle is no magic act. Just take a look at the facts.

“48% of respondents to a weight-loss survey conducted in 2016 found healthy eating habits more difficult than exercise.”

This suggests that nearly half the population finds exercising easier than following a healthy nutrition plan!

So is it any wonder that many people fail when it comes to establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

How many times have you said to yourself, living a healthy lifestyle would be so much easier if I weren’t so confused with the mainstream information in the media and on the Internet? Or if I knew the right organic and holistic food choices to make?

Well I’m here to tell you, that when you get to the heart of the matter, the TRUTH IS………. You Are Not To Blame!

For once, let me reveal to you what’s REALLY TRUE about nutrition in support of your preconception or pregnancy plans, or your desire to live a healthy lifestyle.

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SO, what makes me different?

Well to start with, I take a holistic approach to nutrition and personalise a program to you thats fully considerate of your own personal health goals, whether its preconception, pregnancy, postnatal wellness or simply eating healthy, nutritious foods. Because my belief is...

Nutrition Counselling Should Not Be A ‘ONE-SIZE FITS ALL’ Experience.

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle go way beyond the surface, and I have everything you need, at your fingertips, to take those first steps into better living and optimum reproductive health.

  1. Check out my exclusive, one-on-one Consultation options.
  1. I also provide convenient Shopping, featuring nutrient-rich vitamins, supplements and wellness products.
  1. Take a look at my Education page where you’ll find the latest in nutrition, healthy lifestyle advice, and so much more.
  1. And if it’s simple, tasty Recipes you’re looking for, check out a great selection of my recommended favourites for you to create at home (the best part is these recipes take no time to prepare; perfect when you have ZERO time to spare!).

As a Holistic Nutrition Educator, I offer:

  1. Comprehensive evaluations tailored to your nutrition and lifestyle challenges from preconception and pregnancy to postnatal wellness and overall healthy eating.
  1. Convenient shopping. If healthy eating for conception or weight loss is your goal; I can advise the right foods, supplements and vitamins that compliment your current health and lifestyle goals.
  1. Nutrition guidance with sound, evidence-based, practical advice.
  1. Simple, yet highly effective eating plans for improved health.

I’m also really easy to talk to. Relax from the privacy of your own home, or at my comfortable consultation suites in Sydney’s Inner West, and let me personally answer your questions.

You can reach me by TELEPHONE, SKYPE or EMAIL!

Too busy to phone or Skype? Simply fill in my easy-to-complete form on the Contact page and I’ll respond within 24 hours, that’s a guarantee.


Sarah | The Fertility Nutritionist

The Fertility Nutritionist is a full-service, confidential and educational resource for nutritional guidance in support of:

SO what are you waiting for? Every minute you put off living your best life means living a life less than extraordinary… and you deserve so much better than that!

With one easy click, you have the potential to enjoy a whole new way of living your best life ever. A healthy life with vigour and vitality to spare!

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